Cat. 3 recovery channel

Our Cat. 3 recovery channel: producer of nutritional and technical ingredients

All of our category 3 sites (processing plants and collection centers), apart from the Viriat site, are ISO 22000 v.2018 certified. They apply the requirements of Regulation (EC) No. 1096/2009.

Business: collection and recovery of healthy animal co-products derived from animals fit for human consumption, generated in slaughterhouses, cutting plants, food processing industries, food shops and food retailing.

Products: animal fats, PAPs (processed animal proteins), hydrolysed proteins, gelatine bone chips.

Tools: 20 collection centers and 8 processing plants.

Mission: to produce renewable ingredients that save primary resources (agriculture and energy)

Recovery: recovery in a wide variety of fields, at the heart of our daily usage under the Accuraks (oleochemicals/soap making), Biomaks (biofuels), Hydrofaks (feed for farmed fish and shrimp), Léveraks (livestock feed), Régénaks (organic fertilisers) and Vivaks (pet food) brands. Our Cat. 3 recovery channel also converts beef bones into gelatine bone chips.

Recovery  markets C3