Organic Fertilization : our Régénaks brand


Ensuring sustainable fertilization

For sustainable agriculture, it is important to revive the soil and feed the plants, while protecting the environment. Our Cat. 2 meat powder and Cat. 3 PAPs marketed under the Régénaks by Akiolis brand have all the qualities needed to meet these three requirements. They are of interest to manufacturers of organic fertilisers for use in organic farming, vineyards, market gardening, arboriculture, field crops and green spaces. 

Good for the soil, plants and the planet

The agronomic and environmental qualities of organic fertilisers are increasingly attracting the attention of farmers wishing to combine productivity and sustainable development.

Meat powders and processed animal proteins are rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and trace elements. They make a positive contribution to the carbon cycle by promoting the mineralization process: stimulation of soil microbial activity, progressive plant nutrition, reduction of losses due to leaching.

An additional advantage is that their environmental footprint is competitive since they are made from animal materials which are by definition renewable. ​