Collection from food retail

There are many different food retail businesses: hypermarkets and supermarkets, mini-markets, hard discounters, etc. They generate a more or less significant volume of animal co-products.

We offer them collection solutions adapted to their specific constraints. Simple, rigorous and competitive, they respond to the challenge of environmental responsibility for retailers.

Materials collected and recovery

We handle unpackaged animal materials generated in the meat, delicatessen and fish sections of hypermarkets:

  • Residues of red or white meat: bones, tallow, fat, etc.
  • Sausages, hams, pâtés
  • Cooked meats, rotisserie
  • Fish, molluscs, crustaceans, etc.
  • All dairy products
  • And even eggs...

​​​These materials, when healthy, are collected in a mixed manner in our Cat. 3 recovery channel and are intended for use in pet food (Vivaks brand), fertilisers (Régénaks brand), oleochemicals (Accuraks brand) or biofuels (Biomaks brand).

​If they present a health risk, we then handle them in our dedicated recovery channel and process them as category 1 materials and recycle them into bioenergy (Caloraks brand) and biofuels (Biomaks brand).