Atemax: our rendering service


Under the Atemax by Akiolis brand, we collect from our customers animals of all species that have died of illness or accidents. Our daily priority is to guarantee a rapid response in order to preserve health and environmental safety.

Local collection to respond to all situations

We have a collection solution, regardless of the problem, for all professionals or private individuals, who at some point find themselves in possession of dead animals or animal by-products:

> Breeders in all animal production sectors: cattle, sheep, goats, horses, pigs, poultry, rabbits, etc.

> Individuals who keep livestock or pets. According to the law, all dead animals weighing more than 40 kg must be handled by a specialised recovery channel, unless they are buried, after liming, at a distance of more than 35 metres from a water source or a dwelling, and at a depth of 1 metre

> Veterinarians

> Equestrian centers

> Laboratories

> Pet shops

> Hunters and taxidermists

> Municipal authorities (animals found dead on public roads, including cetaceans on beaches)

> Circuses, zoo (lion, tigers, giraffes, etc.)

> Livestock traders, etc.

Simple, fast, rigorous and suitable for all sizes, from the smallest to the largest (pets, cetaceans, etc.), our solutions meet the regulatory requirements and the needs of those who seek them, in terms of time and logistical flexibility.

We take every precaution to ensure that the collections are carried out in accordance with the regulatory requirements for health and environmental safety.

Our collection system comprises 33 collection centers and almost 250 trucks dedicated to category 1 and 2 materials. All of our sites, whether located in the mountains or in the plains, are equipped with uniform means and capacities which guarantee each breeder identical collection methods regardless of the density of the breeding area.