Energy: our Caloraks brand


Committed to bio-sourced energy

Akiolis' business, which consists of collecting and processing organic co-products derived from the food chain, encounters one of the major challenges facing the planet: to meet the ever-increasing demand for energy and to produce renewable energy in order to preserve fossil resources, which are by their nature limited. 

Recycling the energy potential of animal biomass

Animal organic matter has, by its nature, a high energy potential due to its high protein and lipid content.

Heat and electricity: our animal fats and meat-and-bone meal marketed under the Caloraks by Akiolis brand, after undergoing a process that ensures their complete health safety and guarantees their traceability, in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009, are now used as biofuels:

  • Meat-and-bone meal, with a calorific value of about 45% of that of heavy fuel oil, is used in cement kilns. 1 tonne of meat-and-bone meal thus saves 450 kg of heavy fuel oil and the corresponding CO2 emissions.
  • Animal fats have an even higher calorific value: 95% of that of heavy fuel oil. They are used in thermal power plants or in power stations to produce heat or electricity. 1 tonne of fat thus saves 950 kg of heavy fuel oil and the corresponding CO2 emissions. 

A virtuous circle

The opportunities for recycling animal materials into "clean" energy naturally fit into the virtuous circle of sustainable development.

They place our activities in a new value chain, by reducing collection costs for breeders and the meat industry players that hold the materials (fallen stock, risk materials).