Collection from the meat industry

Our expertise in serving the meat industry has been built up over decades. We now offer a wide range of solutions for the collection and recovery of the various types of by-products and co-products generated by this industry. 

Our supplier-partners            

We collect animal materials from companies of all sizes, in the various sectors of the meat industry:

  • Industrial slaughterhouses (pigs, cattle, goats, sheep, poultry, ducks, etc.)
  • Farm slaughterhouses (poultry, mink, ostrich, etc.)
  • Cutting and processing plants.
  • Specialised industries: preparation of meat or offal products; production of foie gras; industrial production of cold cuts, etc.

Our solutions are a match for the diverse activities of all of these players and their specific requirements, whether logistical, technical or commercial.

We are now a partner of choice. If our supplier-partners regularly put their trust in us, it is because our services are of the highest quality, while guaranteeing health safety and rigorous traceability and that we at the end provide excellent outlets for their recovered materials. ​

Materials collected and recovery

 We handle:

  • Meat co-products regardless of species (sheep, cattle, goats, poultry and rabbits, pigs): bones, tallow, fat, blood, feathers, cutting waste (red or white meat). These materials are collected in single-species recovery channels or mixed together as category 3 material. They are intended, depending on the case, for the manufacture of PAPs (processed animal proteins) and fats marketed under the Accuraks (oleochemicals), Biomaks (biofuels), Hydrofaks (aquafeed), Régénaks (organic fertilisers), Léveraks (livestock feed) and Vivaks (pet food) brands.
  • Animal by-products (potential or proven risk materials): they are collected as category 1 or 2 materials and are intended for energy or agricultural reuse under the Biomaks (biofuels), Caloraks (bioenergy) and Régénaks (fertiliser) brands.       

Bones for gelatine: cattle bones collected as food material and intended for recovery by gelatine manufacturers.