Oleochemicals: our Accuraks brand

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For precise and sustainable formulations

For the oleochemical industry, animal fats represent an interesting alternative to vegetable oils. Also rich in fatty acids, they can be easily used in the manufacture of detergents, soap, paints, cosmetics and lubricants. Produced from selected and traceable co-products, they offer - for a competitive price - all the required guarantees for health safety and provide environmental value as a substitute for fossil or vegetable resources.

Our products

Several of our category 3 plants produce animal fats for technical use, marketed under the Accuraks by Akiolis brand.

A wide range of products, supplemented by products from PB Leiner, Akiolis' sister company within the Tessenderlo Group, makes it possible to meet the specific needs of manufacturers:

  • Multi-species animal fat
  • Beef bone fat
  • Tallow
  • Pork fat
  • Pork rind fat

​Strengths and benefits

  • Our animal fats are manufactured in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009; they meet the highest health safety requirements.

  • A flawless physical and documentary traceability system applies to each stage of the process: collection, processing, marketing and delivery of products.

  • Akiolis and PB Leiner are major players in Europe: it is the assurance of being able to have guaranteed volumes over time, close to the production units.

  • A technological watch and regular investments in collection and processing allow us to maintain the tools at the best level of performance, to constantly optimize logistics and industrial costs and to guarantee competitive prices.