Our Cat. 1/Cat. 2 recovery channels: guaranteeing health and environmental safety

All of our sites dedicated to category 1 and 2 materials (processing plants and collection centers) are ISO 14001 v.2015 certified. They apply the requirements of Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009.

Business: collection, securing and recovery of fallen stock (rendering), of potential or proven risk materials derived from the meat industry and of organic waste of animal origin

Products: animal fats and meat-and-bone meal.

Tools: 28 collection centers and 3 processing plants.

Health mission: protection of public health, animal health and the environment.

Recovery: exclusively energy or agricultural through the Biomaks brand for biofuel production, the Caloraks brand for bioenergy production and the Régénaks brand for organic fertilizer. 

Recovery markets C1-C2