The recovery of co-products is essential today in order to move away from the linear logic of "take, use, throw away". We believe that sustainable production means maximising the reuse of every molecule. That is why, at AKIOLIS, we have chosen to unlock the potential of all animal co-products derived from the food chain.  ​


Promoting the circular economy

As a direct result of human food-related activities, millions of tonnes of animal co-products are generated every day. These co-products are not consumed - or cannot be consumed - but they have real value and great potential due to their high fat and protein content. Appropriate heat treatments allow this value to be unlocked while guaranteeing health safety: once processed into animal fats, PAPs (processed animal proteins) or meat-and-bone meal, they again become raw materials suitable for new nutritional, industrial, energy or agricultural uses.

At the heart of a circular economy, by ensuring the recovery of these materials, we provide concrete and innovative responses to the challenges of sustainable development every day.


This is a source of great pride for us and is shared by our 1,000 employees.