Pet food: our Vivaks brand


For happy, lively pets

Dogs and cats are carnivorous animals and are sensitive to the smell, taste, texture and nutritional composition of the food offered to them. To meet their needs and preserve their health, we offer a range of ingredients under the Vivaks by Akiolis brand that meet very strict criteria in terms of nutritional quality and health safety.

A wide range of pet food products


We cater to global brands as well as to local manufacturers.

A wide range of products offers a variety of solutions for all dry pet food recipes:

  • Single-species animal fats: poultry, duck, pork
  • Multi-species animal fats 
  • Multi- and single-species processed animal proteins (PAPs): blood protein, hydrolysed feather protein, pork protein, etc.
  • Pork meat and bone protein, pork fats: our range of products are supplemented by the products of PB Leiner, AKIOLIS' sister company within the Tessenderlo Group.

Our ingredients are derived from co-products and do not use any resources intended for human consumption, thus making a positive contribution to the ecological balance of the pet food sector.​

Guaranteed nutritional and health qualities

Our Vivaks brand products are sought after for their nutritional qualities (energy, digestibility, palatability), ease of use and high level of health safety.

Their qualities are preserved throughout the collection and manufacturing process, validated by ISO 22000 (food safety) and GMP+ certifications:

  • The co-products are derived exclusively from healthy animals fit for human consumption,
  • They enter the manufacturing process within a maximum of 24 hours,
  • They are collected from selected partners in the meat industry,
  • A fine tuning of our process parameters enables us to preserve the intrinsic qualities of the materials while guaranteeing compliance with health standards.

High-end Duck PAP

Duck Meal: super premium

We work closely with our supplier and the certification body SOCOTEC to offer you the first super premium French duck PAP labeled Duck Meal.

This certification guarantees that our raw materials are only made with duck muscles and carcasses.

Duck By Product Meal: Premium

We also offer a premium duck PAP “Duck By Product Meal”. The specificity of this protein from mixed duck by-products is that it contains no feathers (1% goose depending on the time of year).

All the by-products used in the manufacture process of these proteins come from ducks intended for human consumption.

For more information on these premium products, do not hesitate to contact us.

Innovation and partnership

The constant improvement of the Vivaks offering is based on our ability to offer personalised partnerships to all our customers. We base our work on carefully listening to their needs, on getting support from our R&D teams and on our in-depth expertise in the area of regulations.  

  • Our R&D teams
  • The Tessenderlo Group Innovation Centre
  • Our R&D department