Aquaculture: our Hydrofaks brand


For healthy aquaculture that feeds the world

Our PAPs (Processed Animal Proteins) and our fats are derived from renewable resources. They respond to the economic, nutritional and ecological challenges of fish feed manufacturers and their fish farming customers.​

Reducing the environmental impact of aquaculture

Aquaculture provides more than half of the aquatic products consumed in the world. It is the fastest growing animal processing sector, and as a result, the global demand for compound feed for fish and shrimp is increasing sharply. This feed contains fishmeal and fish oil produced from wild fish, and these fisheries deplete natural stocks. 

A sustainable alternative: ingredients made from co-products

We have a solution to preserve marine resources and properly feed farmed salmonids, sea bass, shrimp or tilapia: offer fish feed manufacturers the raw materials derived from land animal co-products. Studies show that in many species, these raw materials can replace wild fish oils and fishmeal without compromising breeding performance, and at a lower cost.

Their economic advantage (price competitiveness) is coupled with an ecological advantage, in a more environmentally friendly production system that can meet the food needs of a growing world population.

Quality ingredients for aquaculture

With our Hydrofaks by Akiolis brand, we offer a variety of ingredients derived from land animals that meet the specific requirements of fish feed manufacturers.

Quality, health safety and traceability according to European standards

Our ingredients are exclusively manufactured according to European standards, using category 3 materials collected from approved partners in the meat industry. They meet the highest standards of quality, safety and traceability.

Carefully controlled process parameters, combined with the latest processing technologies and the best production monitoring methods, allow us to bring out the best in our materials and consistently ensure the nutritional value and high digestibility of our products.​

Our proteins

Our PAPs provide the highly digestible amino acids needed for healthy fish growth, as well as calcium and phosphorus for building healthy tissue. They are a good substitute for fishmeal as an ingredient in fish feed.

  • Hydrolysed feather protein
  • Poultry blood protein
  • Single-species processed animal proteins (PAPs): poultry and pork

Our fats

Our animal fats are a valuable source of energy, provide essential fatty acids and increase the palatability of food. With us, their organoleptic qualities are preserved.

  • Single-species animal fats: poultry and pork