Quality by Akiolis

Quality performance is first and foremost the result of strict compliance with the regulations governing our businesses. It is also the result of certified actions carried out at all levels of the collection, processing and recovery chain.

Finally, and above all, our teams are constantly endeavouring to listen to our customers to understand their needs and provide them with the answers that will enable them satisfy their own customers and win in their markets.

For Akiolis, unlocking value also means sharing it.

Compliance with health regulations

Akiolis guarantees its customers, supplier-partners and local stakeholders, strict compliance with complex and changing regulations. Our industrial sites as well as our collection and transfer centers are certified under Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009. Our sustainable development activities have also led us to have a good understanding of the Grenelle Environment Forum and to raise our partners' awareness of the issues at stake. 

Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009

Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009 sets out in detail the collection and processing procedures and the authorised recovery methods for each species and type of material. It identifies three categories according to the level of risk for public health, animal health and the environment:

  • Category 1 (Cat. 1): significant health risk (e.g. fallen stock or central nervous system of ruminants).
  • Category 2 (Cat. 2): risks related to diseases that are non-communicable to humans, microbiological risks, etc.
  • Category 3 (Cat. 3): healthy co-products derived from animals fit for human consumption. Animal co-products are generated from meat preparation activities in slaughterhouses, cutting plants or at retailers: bones, legs, skin, rinds and fat, viscera, blood, feathers, bristles, etc. These perfectly healthy materials derived from animals intended for human consumption, are not consumed for cultural or physiological reasons. If they are intended for other uses, they are then governed by Regulation (EC) No. 1069/2009, which designates them as "category 3" and sets out precise collection, processing and recovery procedures.

This classification requires holders to sort at source (downgrading to the lowest health category in the event of mixing) and to choose specialised recovery channels by type of material, guaranteeing full traceability, right up to the outlets for recovered products.​

Customer service and relations

In addition to our long-standing sanitary expertise, we are developing a culture of quality and value to meet the requirements of our customers, who are themselves subject to stringent demands in a world that closely scrutinises the agri-food sector and the recycling opportunities.

Our success is based on excellent products and services. We back this up with a solid relationship based on trust, listening to our customers' needs and the ability to develop innovative offers.​

Local integration

At each collection or processing site, Akiolis makes local integration a priority. For the group's employees, preserving the peace and quiet of local residents is as important as providing services to customers.