Collection from the food industry

Our solutions for the collection of animal co-products (from meat or fish) enable the food industry to optimise the value chain of processed products. Rigorous, flexible and reliable, they also provide it with concrete solutions in terms of CSR and sustainable development. ​

Our supplier-partners  

Our supplier partners are producers of prepared meals made with fresh and frozen meat and fish, dairy products, food flavourings, desserts and fish canning. 

Materials collected and recovery

​These food processing businesses use a variety of manufacturing techniques, generating a wide range of animal co-products and by-products, which are considered to be bio-waste.

In accordance with the regulations on animal by-products, our collection solutions from these industries are adapted to each category of materials and to the specific characteristics of each activity via dedicated channels:

  • Animal co-products: cuts of meat, downgraded meals or manufacturing waste (meat, dairy products, egg products). These materials are processed under category 3, converted into PAPs and fats and used for pet food (Vivaks brand), fertiliser (Régénaks brand), oleochemicals (Accuraks brand) and biofuels (Biomaks brand).
  • Animal waste: spoiled foodstuffs, microbiological problem, etc. These materials are handled in our category 1 recovery channel and recycled into bioenergy (Caloraks brand) and biofuels (Biomaks brand).

By choosing Akiolis, our supplier-partners opt for comprehensive, compliant and sustainable solutions for recycling their animal materials.