Violleau: organic soil improvers and fertilisers

As part of AKIOLIS, VIOLLEAU is dedicated to the production of organic fertilisers.

Mission: to stimulate biological life in soils and to feed plants under sustainable agriculture.

Business: formulation and production of composts and pellets from animal materials (PAPs, meat powder, livestock manure, co-products of the agri-food industry) and various plant sources (oil cake, pulp, straw, etc.) and minerals.

Tools: 1 composting platform of 16,000 m2, of which 12,000 are fully covered and 1 granulation plant.

Products: compost / plugs (100% organic fertilisers, organo-mineral fertilisers, organic soil improvers, soil activators) / Foliar fertilisers / PAPs and meat powder.

Applications: organic or conventional agriculture / field crops, viticulture, arboriculture, vegetable farming, green spaces.