Feed: our Leveraks brand


For sustainable animal nutrition

The animal nutrition sector is governed by strict regulations and is characterised by a demanding economic model. For its stakeholders, breeders and feed manufacturers, it is a question of combining the imperatives of nutritional quality and cost control with the requirements of sustainable development. We offer them solutions adapted to these problems, and which allow them to feed their animals with high-performance feeds while limiting the use of resources intended for human consumption.

We are a partner of the animal feed industry

The expertise developed for the animal feed industry is based on our animal fats

All Léveraks by Akiolis range of products offer advantages in terms of nutritional quality and price.

They also provide all the necessary guarantees in terms of health safety and traceability.

Exclusively derived from co-products, they are also part of a sustainable economic model and make a positive contribution to the ecological balance of the livestock sectors.

Our fats for pigs and poultry

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Contrary to popular belief, European regulations allow the use of animal fats (excluding ruminants) in livestock feed (Regulation (EC) No. 999/2001 et 1069/2009).

Our fats are produced in compliance with this regulation and come from ISO 22000 v. 2018 and GMP+ certified sites. The co-products used in their manufacture are exclusively derived from healthy animals fit for human consumption (category 3), carefully selected, rigorously traced, and collected from approved meat industry partners.

Competitive advantages

Our range of animal fats are particularly suitable for pig and poultry feed.

  • Single-species fats: pork, duck, poultry. Their specific fatty acid composition provides beneficial properties, which make them more competitive compared with oil seed oils, 
  • Nutritional qualities: high energy value and improved fat quality,
  • Technical qualities: better pellet durability and oxidation resistance.